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Web Development

From small businesses to nonprofits - we all need functional, engaging, and easy to manage website. Using a Wordpress framework, I can bring to you a low-cost, quick-turnaround website that is intentionally implemented for your needs.


From customers to online user experience, I will work with you to develop a thoughtful plan on how to support, engage, and work with your intended audience. I can support your goals through customer service planning, social media planning, and even technology user experience and interface!


From youth-centered and youth-driven leadership programs, to organizational facilitation, I can help you achieve your group goals. Together, we can assess your individualized needs and how facilitation services can be impactful and helpful.

Social Work. Facilitation. Leadership. Creative & Innovative.

Social Work. Facilitation. Leadership. Creative & Innovative.

Samuel Chamberlain, BSW

With a background in social work, organizational development and management, and a keen interest in technology, Sam serves as a great asset to any team. Sam works to advance projects that are conscious of the human aspect, while also acknowledging the business implications. Using his background in social work and human behavior, Sam works to develop robust and engaging customer experiences from customer correspondence to user experience and design.

Sam is an analytical thinker with a proven ability to adapt to tasks, environments, and changing scenery. Sam is a forward thinker who works diligently to incorporate as many minds, ideas, and goals into a project to increase team buy-in and longevity and sustainability of implementation.

Sam has worked in environments that require quick thinking, a can-do attitude, and a strong work ethic. Sam has experience managing teams, coordinating cross-departmental projects, engaging with high-risk client systems, group dynamics, leadership, and the cultivation of strong relationships.

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