Web Development Process


My goal in the web development process is to produce an easily updated, cost-effective, time-efficient, and intentionally implemented website. To achieve this goal, I use a WordPress framework that allows me to use pre-built "themes," to build a customizable and easily updated website that is exciting to use and helps address your business needs.

To help facilitate the web development process, please review the general steps of this process below. It is important to note that process is generally customized to suit your needs.

Beyond the Design Process

The Design Process

Looking for more customization or a more complex website?
The websites that I will develop for you are going to be customizations of other's designs, so they are not 100% original. However, this is how I can keep costs way-way down. However, if you are looking for something more complex or with more customization, I am more than happy to help you find an incredible designer in your area! We can discuss this during a free consultation!


Discovering WordPress
WordPress can be a super powerful and exciting tool to use - when you know how to use it! Beyond just building your website, I will help you learn how to use it! Should you wish to learn how to update the content on your website please let me know and I'd be happy to give you a crash course!
WordPress courses are offered at an additional fee.


Domains, Hosting, SSL - oh my!
Your brand new WordPress website needs a place on the internet to live. Luckily, I sell hosting, domain, and website security packages through a third party reseller (and it all gets easily invoiced on one bill)! We will talk about your hosting needs during our consultation. Additionally, should you wish to find your own provider we can chat about that too!
Hosting and domain packages are offered at an additional fee.


Step 1



Step 2

Initial Design




Step 3

First Review




Step 4

Content Upload



Step 5



Step 6





Step 7

Double Check


Step 8

Live & On the Web

The first step is FREE! To better understand your needs, and for you to have an opportunity to meet me, we will schedule a face-to-face meeting, a phone conversation, or a Skype call to learn more about each other and the needs you have for your website.

The initial design process is where I may go radio silence for a few weeks. This is the time where I am working on your website. Often times I will set up a "sandbox" website on my server to work on the site. During the next phase, you'll get the link to take a peek at your website.

TIP! Sending me links to websites that you like, including descriptions of what you do and don't like is very helpful!

During this phase you'll get a link and if applicable credentials to your "sandbox" website. This website will be hosted on my servers and will give you an opportunity to see a design concept in action. During this time you will have the opportunity to share what you like, what you don't like, and suggestions on changes.

TIP! This is when you'll send along content that you wish to have on your website. The next revision will include this content.

We will spend a little bit of time in Step 3. While it's called the "First Review," we will go back and forth with changes and updates to reflect your needs and desires. After you really love the design you'll send me all of the content you wish to have on the website. I will upload as much content as you send me, and populate the website with all the info in the world!

Everything is uploaded and ready to go! It's time to check out the website and give your final approval! Content is in the right place, everything looks right, you have access to the email address listed, and are beyond excited!

Hopefully, during our consultation, we had a conversation about web hosting and domains. If not, we will chat about the options that are out there. For convenience's sake, I do offer web hosting, domain registration, custom email addresses, and SSL certificates at an additional fee.

During this step we will convert your website over to whatever hosting package you've purchased and make sure your website is ready to go!

We will spend time looking over the website for spelling errors, missing links, broken links, design issues, and more. This double-check phase will be our final check before we share with the world your new website!

Our final step - your website is online and ready to go! Share the link with your friends, family, clients, customers, and social media!

Don't worry - this step doesn't equate to the end of our relationship! Together, we will work together to keep your website sustainable and exciting as day one!