University of Michigan School of Social Work
2018 - 2019
Management (Masters of Social Work)
University of Maine
2015 - 2018
Bachelors of Social Work
University of Michigan - Child and Adolescent Data Lab
Aug 2018 - Current
Graduate Management Intern

• Assists in the development of the organization’s administrative structure;
• Engages with stakeholder groups, funders, and interested parties to further discuss the work of the data lab;
• Assists in the writing, management, and reporting of grants throughout the full cycle of a grant;
• Assists in fiscal planning, financial projections, budget development, and other financial tasks;
• Prepares and publishes marketing materials including management of the lab’s website;
• Assists in the design and dissemination of research products;
• Participates in meetings with stakeholders to better understand how data is used in policy and practice;
• Assists in lab reporting, presentation development, and report production.

#NoBull Project
April 2012 - Current
Co-Founder/Executive Director

• Maintained and developed Social Media and Web marketing programs and strategies;
• Develops and maintains program materials, metrics, and reporting;
• Develops and implements funding strategies as needed;
• Manages all administrative aspects of programming and expenses;
• Provides support to schools and communities with regard to prevention and response to bullying.

Waterfront Concerts
May 2017 - August 2018
Assistant Manager of Ticketing Operations

• Provides phone, in person, and web customer service and support;
• Provides ticketing and guest services support to four primary venues in two states;
• Engages with other departments, patrons, and staff to coordinate ticketing affairs;
• Uses Ticketmaster software (including Land Shark Host) to process ticket sales, adjust inventory, and set up ticketing services;
• Supervises and supports a team of customer service representatives, providing support on the day of shows;
• Provides direct customer support for complex issues when a manager is required;
• Provides managerial oversight to box office operations in conjunction and support with the Box Office Manager.

Restorative Justice Institute of Maine
October 2015 - July 2018
Lead Facilitator

• Uses Restorative Justice model to respond to cases as referred;
• Accomplishes pre-work, including research and individual conversations prior to conference;
• Organizes and plans restorative conference;
• Facilitates the carrying out of a restorative conference;
• Ensures a goal and action plan are drafted and agreed to;
• Ensures action plan and goals are accomplished within allotted time.

Youth MOVE Maine
August 2015 - June 2018
Marketing and Development Manager

• Designs, develops, and implements statewide marketing strategy and brand standards;
• Designed and maintains organization's website, social media profiles, and social media graphics;
• Works with other departments and regions to ensure marketing needs are met;
• Supports regional staff in development, marketing, and coordination of events;
• Coordinates and supervises Marketing Intern program;
• Uses marketing platforms to further youth voice in Maine;
• Supports, coordinates, and engages with donors in multiple regions;
• Manages and coordinates departmental budget and needs.

University of Maine
May 2017 - May 2018
Student Ambassador, Office of Admissions and Recruitment

• Engage with prospective students and families, providing information and guidance;
• Provide participants with high quality and informative tours of campus;
• Contact and engage prospective students through telephone counseling;
• Provide admitted students and families with guidance in entry to the University;
• Provide admitted students with an orientation to the University;
• Engage with prospective and admitted students and families in a formal Admissions environment.

The Maine Campus
March 2017 - May 2018
Marketing Director

• Designs, develops, and coordinates new branding and marketing strategy;
• Designs and implements social media images, graphics, and content;
• Designs, builds, and implements a brand new website that was intentionally designed for the organization;
• Assists in the coordination of technology within the organization.

Shaw House Homeless Youth Program
August 2017 - December 2017
Social Work Intern

• Engaged with youth who were homeless or at-risk of being homelessness;
• Engaged with youth through individual goal setting and assessment;
• Outreached to youth not in the building, to local businesses, and community organizations;
• Assisted youth with access to medical, therapeutic, and goal-related appointments;
• Provided youth with direct support, healthy goal setting, and mentorship;
• Used Social Work theories, and ethical principles to inform, engage, and support the work of the agency.

Tree Street Youth
January 2013 - June 2015
AmeriCorps Member

• Works with youth to create a positive and productive space to advance education;
• Provides tutoring and homework help to all youth;
• Works with youth individually and in group activities;
• Encourages positive and healthy communication between a diverse group of youth;
• Engages youth with regard to individual academic, social, emotional and behavior skills;
• General office management tasks;
• Manages and coordinates technology usage including computers, networks, and mobile devices.

Visual Resume

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