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  • Logo and Brand Package
  • Hosted website
  • Litter and puppy listing pages
  • Application for adoption

Barkerville Chinooks

Barkerville Chinooks is a kennel line established in 2016 based in Lewiston, Maine. Barkerville Chinooks is dedicated to the preservation of the Chinook breed. The kennel line is named after the area that the co-founders live in Lewiston, Maine. Their land sits where the old Barkerville Mill was.

Barkerville Chinooks was looking for establishing a web presence to share the excitement around their litters.  Using a WordPress framework, pages for listing the litters, tools to submit applications, and a general web presence was built. This package required less integration, but was built around highlighting the gorgeous Chinook breed.

Giving litters their own web home

Each letter gets a name to identify the group. Giving each litter it’s own page allowed for a deep-dive into each of the puppies, and allowed applicants to be fully-informed.



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