A community’s tribute.




  • Hosted website
  • Social media engagement
  • Registration tool
  • Participant and community information platform

Brunswick-Topsham Memorial Day Committee

The Brunswick-Topsham Memorial Day Parade is an annual honoring of those who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice to our country. The committee is comprised of a group of dedicated community volunteers – as such, the committee has limited capacity to support a website.

The site was developed around the need for an annual tool to engage an invigorated community. The website was developed as primarily an information sharing platform, as well as giving parade participants the ability to register online for the year’s parade.


A platform for community engagement

With the local community at the center of need for website functionality, the ability to engage with the committee was primary to the site. Adding a parade registration feature was important, however, adding further tools of engagement was vital. This included day of event information, participant information, and sponsors.



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