Bringing student journalism online.




  • Visual brand package (including logo, colors, fonts, and branded social media images)
  • Multi-user news website
  • Structured post categorization
  • Social media engagement strategy
  • Reader engagement tools
  • Branded print assets

The Maine Campus

The Maine Campus – the University of Maine’s editorially independent student newspaper, conducted a total rebrand in the summer of 2017, led by Samuel Chamberlain. The newspaper discovered that their brand was outdated, their website was sluggish, and growth was imminent. The newspaper was ready to bring their content to online platforms – where University students most wanted to engage with the paper.

A total rebrand was in order. This rebrand not only included a whole new website with plenty of engagement features, but also included a total visual brand package. The brand package included a logo, colors, fonts, branded social media images, and targeted content logos.

The website was built with the reader in mind. Structured post categorization allowed the user to read content based on one topic, or down to the specific sport being reported. A social-centered comment tool was added to give users added functionality in engaging with content.


Staying on brand has never been this easy

The newspaper’s new brand was vital to it engage with the campus community. Not only was a new visual brand and website in order, but ensuring that community engagement was successful through print design was vital. Using the new visual brand, business cards, letterhead, pens, wall decals, and jackets were produced to ensure that brand engagement was possible in all fashions.

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