An online platform for anti-bullying work.




  • Logo and Brand Package
  • Hosted website
  • Blogging and social media platform
  • Case study representation
  • Student leadership design
  • Group facilitation work

#NoBull Project

The #NoBull Project is a non-profit, all volunteer, peer-led student leadership, empowerment, and anti-bullying organization. The #NoBull Project uses current leadership, peer mentoring, restorative practices, and strength based models to engage youth of varying ages in leadership and anti-bullying programming.

The #NoBull Project was co-founded by Samuel Chamberlain. His work with the organization ranged from digital engagement, web development, and branding – all the way to youth leadership and group facilitation work.

The #NoBull Project began in 2012, and was a student- and peer-led program designed to engage individuals around anti-bullying and cyberharassment efforts. The focus of the work was in Maine, as that is where the program was founded.


Using a peer-leadership model

Using a student- and peer-leadership model, the #NoBull Project’s focus remained centered around group knowledge and strengths. The #NoBull Project ran multi-school student-leadership programming to empower change within schools.



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