May 28, 2015



Sam is extremely passionate about his community and the engagement of his community. This page is dedicated to learning more about projects that Sam is currently working on, or with. To learn more about previous projects, or how Sam can get involved in projects please visit the Contact Me page.

The #NoBull Project

Sam is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the #NoBull Project.The #NoBull Project is a non-profit, all volunteer, peer-led student leadership, empowerment, and anti-bullying organization. The #NoBull Project uses current leadership, peer mentoring, restorative practices, and strength based models to engage youth of varying ages in leadership and anti-bullying programming.

Sam and his co-founder, founded the #NoBull Project in April of 2012, their senior year in high school. The project has since flourished, and they are offering programs all over Maine, and in the Northeast. Click here to learn more about the #NoBull Project…